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Secure online payment processing


With today’s forever changing shopping habits, eCommerce and MOTO solutions are must for business, furthermore imperative is having the capability to offer a global 24/7 operation.

We offer a suite of eCommerce and Omni channel solutions to take care of all your global payments needs.


A payment gateway


Here payment is made with a credit card or debit card when the customer and merchant are not in the same physical location, such as by mail, fax, over the phone or through a website. For most businesses, eCommerce and Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) sales are significantly outperforming traditional cash sales channels. It is therefore essential that you partner with a payment services provider who fully understands the challenges and needs of online businesses. We have the technology and expertise to be that partner.


The current list of approved payment gateways are:

  • Realex payments

  • Sagepay

  • Datacash

  • TNSPay

  • Creditcall


  • Optimal Payments


  • Verifone

  • Cybersource

  • Servebase

  • Worldnet TPS

  • Cardstream

  • PayVector

  • CityPay


If you currently work with a Payment gateway that is not on this list, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.





With Authipay your business can accept payments online, securely and efficiently.

Authipay is a convenient and cost-effective way to process payments online. It combines a payment gateway with merchant account services in one handy service. Request your demo today.



See how Authipay can benefit your online business

Easy setup and integration

A quick call is all it takes. You could be accepting payments online today.

Real time reporting

Check up on payments coming in whenever you like, wherever you are.

Seamless security

Your customers details are completely safe, and with a range of fraud options to suit your business, you are too.

Transparent pricing

There's no gateway set-up fee, just a simple cost effective fee based on the size of your business

Multi-currency settlement

We accept a wide range of currencies and process all major cards.

Ongoing support

We're here for you whenever you need us, and as your business grows we'll ensure that your Authipay service grows with it.




Dcc - Dynamic Currancy Conversion


GlobalChoice™ is now available on your Authipay facility allowing your international customers to pay in their billing currency.

You no longer need to worry about handling multiple currencies and customers can enjoy full transparency on transactions. Currency conversion is calculated instantly on a wide choice of currencies. Plus you earn a rebate.


GlobalChoice™ allows your international customers to make purchases by card in their home currency.


More choice for your customers – your international customers can use your terminal or Authipay facility to pay in their billing currency, and you won’t have to worry about foreign exchange rates or handling multiple currencies.

Accept a wide range of currencies – your Terminal or Authipay facility has been configured to handle all major currencies, including Euro, Sterling, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Danish Kroner, Swedish Kroner, South African Rand, Canadian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Swiss Franc, Norwegian Kroner and Japanese Yen.

Earn GlobalChoice™ Rebate – Our Acquirers will credit you a quarterly rebate on your Processing statement, subject to the terms and conditions in your Merchant Processing Agreement.


• Using your Terminal or Authipay facility, the service is embedded seamlessly into the normal transaction process.

• The currency conversion is calculated instantly.

• Your customer enjoys full transparency and a wide choice of currencies.

• There are no changes required to your terminal fees, settlement amounts or payment processing times.

• There is a commission share rebate available through selected terminals. Contact us for more information.

How does GlobalChoice™ operate?

GlobalChoice™ is designed to work without any operational changes to your merchant account, in four simple steps.

1 Identification: Your Terminal or Authipay facility will automatically identify international credit and debit cards during the authorisation stage.

2 GlobalChoice™ Offer: If The Acquirers identify an international card, your customer may be offered the choice to pay in their home currency. To assist them in their choice, your customer will be able to view the foreign exchange rate, foreign exchange margin and compare both amounts on the terminal screen.

3 Settlement: Regardless of the choice your customer makes, Acquirers will always settle the transaction in your terminal currency, for the full sale amount.

4 Rebate: At the end of each month, Acquirer will calculate a rebate payable as a credit to your merchant services statement in respect of GlobalChoice™ transactions processed on your terminal. (These credits will be made quarterly in arrears).

Seamless Authipay Integration

GlobalChoice™ now allows you to convert your customers currency instantly using your Virtual Terminal or Checkout page easily using Authipay.

Authipay is a convenient and cost-effective way to process payments online. It combines a payment gateway with merchant account services in one.

Learn more about Authipay



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VT - Virtual Terminal / MOTO


Virtual Terminal lets you process card payments by fax, mail, phone or via your website.

How it works

Our Authipay Virtual Terminal provides an easy way for merchants to process transactions via the Internet by turning any PC into a POS terminal. At the same time it provides one central, secure location where you can manage everything related to transaction processing:

• Run secure transactions yourself

• Set up your website to run transactions for you

• Prevent fraud

• Review transaction reports

Process transactions the way you want, wherever you are.

Our Virtual Terminal functions in a similar way as retail store terminals. Simply enter your customer details. It can even take care of recurring transactions, like subscription services.

The terminal is completely customisable, allowing you to show only what you need to run your business efficiently, so you can select exactly what you want to appear on the page.

And because it runs via the Internet, you can log on from anywhere, giving you instant access, so you can process orders wherever you are.

Virtual Terminal is easy to use and provides:

• Card transactions are authorised within seconds.

• Receipt can be sent immediately via email, increasing customer confidence.

• Receive summarised and detailed reports of all transactions on a daily basis.

• Customisable order information including customer details & shipping details.

• Easy set up of recurring payment facility for spreading payments or taking subscriptions.

• Manage multiple users with different access rights such as order only, orders and credit authority and full administrative privileges.

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