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Fully Integrated EPOS Solutions

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Sumni T2 Range

With a built-in Seiko printer, T2 is more suitable for quality-pursuing customers with high demands on printing.

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In addition to its smooth operation, we further equip it with super capabilities on networking & business development, allowing the device to be used with various hardware while maintaining data transmission.


Qualcomm snapdragon octa-core

Dual-Display and dual-touch POS

15.6' 1920×1080 FHD resolution

Supports Wi-Fi networking

Built-in SEIKO 80mm thermal printer

3D structured light camera supports facial recognition payment


High-speed operation, stable and smooth.


When you choose T2, you'll be amazed at its smooth operation. T2's quality is also guaranteed by a cutting-edge processor and SUNMI OS, making your device always smooth like a new one.


More than 50 items have been developed and optimized based on the feedback of users of previous OS.


SUNMI OS is an operating system deeply optimized & improved based on Android, which supports the installation of Android system-based App, specifically & deeply customized for intelligent commercial business scenarios. All have been handled to the point in terms of operating experience, performance enhancement & scenario-based design, which makes the commercial devices to be cleverer, more intelligent & powerful.


Optional dual screens, more friendly interactive experience.


You can choose dual-display configuration for a better interactive experience. With its 1920×1080 main screen upgraded to 15.6" and the customer screen to 10.1", the transaction information is clear at a glance.


Upgraded screen size, Various configuration options.





Designed by David Protet, a top industrial designer.


SUNMI T2 follows the appearance design of cash register which won two international design awards.


Applicable Industries

Self-Service Supermarket



Health and Beauty

Fresh Market

Mid-to-High End Restaurant

Coffee Chain

Franchise Store

Department Store & Convenience Store




Functions & Applications


Online Order Receiving

Receipt Printing

Quick Ordering

Queue Management

Table Management

Kitchen Ticket Printing


Membership Management

Transaction Management

Remote POS Data Monitoring

Sumni T2 Mini

Many out-of-date bulky devices are still being used nowadays, which badly decrease merchants' efficiency.

Traditional cash registers can only be used for money collection in many small convenience stores, which leaves inventory check a time-consuming manual work for shop assistants, thus wasting plenty of manpower and material

SUNMI T2 MINI is an all-in-one Android POS terminal which is more compact, intelligent powerful and future-proof.


Classic appearance design.

Function options available according to customers' needs.

Perfect for use in various business scenarios including retail, petrol station, convenience store, etc.


Exquisite performance due to the advanced chip.

To help you handle all your work well more than sufficiently, we equip it with a high performance octa-core processor.


Maintain excellent performance in various environments.

11.6" IPS multi-touch capacitive HD screen offers you clear display effect and wide viewing angle, which can be applied in indoor & outdoor environments.


Multiple supports beyond your expectation.

  • Unlimited Network Access

    Anywhere at any time,

    optional 4G module, which can be used freely to access to the network both indoors & outdoors.

  • More Than Excellent With a Mass of Applications

    A mass of safe but free commercial applications which were proved by SUNMI can be downloaded here, which will help you cope with various business scenarios with ease.

  • Bluetooth 4.0

    Make unlimited expansion possible.

  • Optional Tax Control Module

    Optional tax control module is provided for overseas demanders.


Professional print quality.


58mm and 80mm (Seiko printer with automatic cutter) specifications available with faster print speed and more stable print quality. Maintenance cost will be greatly saved with the high-quality device.​

  • Code Scanning Window

  • Customer Display

  • NFC


Just Enough Memory

The built-in large memory enables customer to store more promotional photos, videos, advertisements and files, etc.

Development Background

The design inspiration of T2 MINI was originated from cash register, a traditional small-sized cashier's device equipped with physical keyboard, which is quite popular in Europe and Asia and can be seen everywhere in the world. However, this cash register is out-of-date for it has no OS, cannot support mobile payment nor use any software, and money collection is its only function.

Accordingly, SUNMI referred to the concept of this classic cash register in the design of T2 MINI, a brand new intelligent Android device. Compared with traditional cash register, T2 MINI is more compact and light, which distributes its good mobility. Meanwhile, T2 MINI ensures excellent performances of all functions. Besides, it adds various additional functions including tax control and 4G module, expanding its applicable scenarios furtherly.

Sumni T2 mini pic.jpg
Sumni Mini opic.png
Sumni Mini pic.jpg
Epos Software Options
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