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Combining Payments

with Funding Solutions

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In collaboration with our DIRECTLY FCA REGULATED partners Credit Solutions Agency  we provide access to Alternative Commercial Finance, our specialism covering all aspects of SME Business Cashflow, Working Capital and Property Finance. 


Our panel of funders consists of  challenger banks and alternative lenders. Most of our funders are non-high-street peer to peer, private equity or alternative finance providers including government backed business funding initiatives. We therefore offer finance otherwise inaccessible through traditional routes. 


With mainstream funding becoming more and more difficult to obtain, we aim to help businesses and property investors obtain funding and vital cashflow otherwise unobtainable. 


To that effect, whether it's for financing a new property development project or just a Cashflow requirement for a shop, restaurant, engineering or manufacturing business, we offer a comprehensive range of products to service all in need.


Our products include:

·         Commercial & BTL Mortgage 

·         Bridging Finance

·         Development finance 

·         Flexi Business Loan

·         Alternative Business loans

·         Business cash advance 

·         Trade Finance and VAT Loans

·         Revolving Credit line

·         Business Bridging loan 

·         Asset Finance & Invoice Finance



Please take the time to go through the information on the business website at or follow the link below.


There are 2 sides to the funding business, namely Business and Property finance.


With respect to business finance, we offer a full range of solutions including CBILS which has now been extended into 2021, and for this product we continue to welcome applications from businesses with turnovers over £200,000. 

Some of our solutions include:

Alternative Business Loan. 1-5 year unsecured business loan

Revolving Credit Line. This works in the same way as a bank overdraft. Interest is charged on a daily basis with no long-term commitment.

Business Bridging Facility. Secured against 1st or 2nd charge

Business Cash Advance. This is a unsecured short term facility Secured against future card sales 

Business Builder or Business Flexi loan. A loan facility Linked to your Cashflow and a Credit Card

VAT loan. Quarterly Flexible funding facility to help with your VAT payments.

Trade Finance. Payments directly to your UK or overseas suppliers, reducing the stress on your cash flow whilst growing the order book

We also cover all FCA regulated solutions such as Asset Finance, Regulated Lending, M&A Funding, etc.


With respect to Property Finance, we offer Commercial and Investment Property Finance

Commercial and BTL Mortgages up to 85% LTV

Bridging Finance up to 90% LTV

Development Finance up to 80% LTGDV

Revolving Property Finance at 75% LTV

Please click for further information on our Finance Site.

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