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Accept payments from a variety of payment processors and payment methods, via a single API connection
Payments Lab Alternative Payments Platform
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Get everything you need to grow..

Competitive pricing

High approval rates

Customised solutions

Rapid onboarding

24/7 support

Sell to everyone.

Any card, Any Payment...  Over 150 alternative payment methods.

  • Card Payments

  • EPOS

  • Ecommerce

  • Direct Debit

  • Digital Wallet

  • Global Transfer

  • Invoice

  • Instalments

  • Prepaid Voucher

  • Online Bank Transfer


All your money Optimised.

Smart routing

Higher approval rates

Less fraud


A single global source.

Working to make the most of your business. And your money.


Accept payments from anywhere.

Secure payment page solutions for all your business channels.


Enable a quick and easy checkout experience.

Robust token engine keeps your stored cards secure and up to date.


Keep fraud to the bare minimum.

Comprehensive machine-learning and 3D Secure MPI fraud toolkit help you protect your revenue.


Get the data your business needs to succeed.

Optimise your conversions with smart data services. Get recommendations on how to best route your transactions. Benefit from our approval rate analysis and optimisation service


smart your money..

No multiple banks.

No hassle.

No delays.


The payments ecosystem is changing at great speed, and businesses would benefit from understanding the changes alternative payment methods (APMs) are making on a global level.


In simple terms, an “alternative payment method” refers to any payment that isn’t cash or credit/debit card.


Some of the most widely used alternative payment methods include mobile payments, bank transfers, prepaid cards, and digital wallets, but there are many other types of APM, including money orders, buy now pay later, instalment plans, and cryptocurrencies for instance.

Alternative payment methods provide customers with the convenience and choice they want. People can pay in a way that suits them therefore as a merchant, it’s especially important that you’re able to offer a range of alternative payment options at the checkout stage giving your customers the best experience, whilst also allowing businesses to gain an edge on competitors, who only offer traditional forms of payment.

Alternative payment methods are also beneficial for companies that wish to enable cross-border payments. Although it is true that many countries will be well served by traditional credit cards, businesses may also need to offer alternative payment methods to reach global customers, in particular those in emerging regions of the world.

Businesses need to provide their customers a payment experience that’s as frictionless and hassle free as possible therefore offering alternative forms of payment options will soon become imperative.

APM’s are especially important when considering global expansion, ensuring that your business has the opportunity to connect with as many potential customers as possible, on an global scale.


At Payments Lab, in addition all traditional Card processing solutions, we also offer a single source API to take care of all Payments requirements offering over 150 global payments methods.


Serious about expanding your business with APM’s whilst at the same time reducing all your Card processing fees and implementing next day funding?


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Run your business optimally...

Process in over 100 currencies

Get paid in your currency of choice

Support a variety of payment methods


Get all the data tools you need..

Operational reports

Track your activity

Financial reports

Get accurate account status reports, track your payments and fees

Notifications & alerts

Stay informed on chargebacks and fraud

Detailed statements

Balance your records and complete your reconciliation

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